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Le Voyage d'Ernestine
products from here, techniques from elsewhere

produits d'ici, techniques d'ailleurs

In the kitchen, there are Adrien and Robin. In the dining room, there is Célia, sommelier by training (I always let her choose the wine for me). Adrien, the land. Célia and Robin, lovers in life, globetrotters at heart. I let you imagine what it looks like on the plate!

Ernestine is the old lady on the portrait we conscientiously hid (because she's a little creepy). Her restaurant remained dormant for almost two years before these three set foot there.

It is a modern, friendly and warm place. 

I spent half a day with them. A whole service. I loved following them on this shot, capturing all this energy, this effervescence... 

Photographe vidéaste Lot Dordogne Corrèze Professionnel Restaurant Food
Photographe vidéaste Lot Dordogne Corrèze Professionnel Restaurant Food

J'y retourne cette année pour un petit "update" de la carte et de la salle dont la déco s'affirme et s'affine. 

Et c'est toujours un ravissement pour les yeux, la bouche et les oreilles (parce que, devinez quoi, ils écoutent de la bonne musique en plus).

If you are passing through Alvignac (46500), this is clearly the place to stop (having taken the trouble to book before... it's safer...).


Le Voyage d'Ernestine

182 Grand Rue, 46500 ALVIGNAC

 05 65 11 76 20

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