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The First One

I was thinking of starting these sessions with women I had known before… well, no. It was Emilie who arrived first. Emilie, whom I had met at a wedding, it's true. But that doesn't matter so much. Emilie, who was so enthusiastic, so involved. Because she wanted to “reconnect with her body”. 


I would like to tell you about her courage. Because she needed to. To tell me about everything she told me. To walk barefoot for two hours in the damp woods. To get naked. Literally and figuratively. 


I would like to tell you about her laugh. Because we laughed a lot. Before the session, while preparing for it. And during. 


I would like to tell you about her strength and her fragility. 


These sessions had been floating around in my head for a while but honestly, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I think we both found the way. We guided each other. It was a big leap into the void.


Far from what I could have imagined, we organized the session in the woods, in a very simple way. Without hairstyle, without make-up, without artifice, to come face to face with the essentials. And it was perfect. 


I still find it difficult to put words to this beautiful experience, charged with emotion. As much for her as for me.

Her own words :


“When I got home, I showered. I was cold. Then I was exhausted, drained, still cold. I felt weird. The body and the head turned upside down. And, at the same time, I felt serene, peaceful, reconnected, in tune with myself. 


Julie… I'm writing this message to you and I'm in tears… I managed to say to myself “I'm pretty”. Thanks. I'm so happy to have been the first. So proud to have had the courage to look at me.


I hope other women can experience what I experienced. Thank you very much for this beautiful moment, these beautiful photos. You know how to make people feel comfortable. I never would have thought to expose myself. Thanks. »


• Emilie •

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