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Dominique Bardou
give life to the ground

donner vie a la terre

Dominique has set up her very small workshop between four stone walls. The wood-burning stove, matched to the size of the room, rotates gently. It's nice out. On the walls, photos, her inspirations, shelves filled with brushes, earth of all colors, sculptures... 

It's a whole new world for me. So she explains to me: the material, the drying, the cooking, the painting.

Her house is an art gallery. Her sculptures and paintings are everywhere. It's a pretty little world clinging to the stones, the fireplace and the shelves. I settled under the window of the "guest room" and I photographed a dozen of her sculptures. I was struck by those gazes, those eyes wide open to the world.

I found myself talking to the statues like I talk to the people I photograph. I wanted them to tell me their story (which Dominique whispered to me in the doorway).

A moment out of time.

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